Ligament Injury


Dr. Himanshu Tyagi offers specialized care and treatment regarding all types of Ligament Injury including ACL, PCL tear, shoulder dislocation etc. Being the best doctor, Dr. Himanshu Tyagi is adhered to make sure that a patient is properly treated. This advanced and highly modern platform lead by Dr. Tyagi is equipped with all modern techniques to facilitate all kinds of surgical procedures.

A Bit about Ligament Injury

To put in simple words, Ligaments are a kind of bands made up with tough and elastic connective tissues by which our joints are surrounded in order to give desired support and limit the joint’s ideal movement.

The knee joints would not be able to perform properly as well as chances is high to become unstable in case of ligament damage. Generally, ligament damage occurs due to a sports injury. A torn ligament gravely limits knee movement and you might not be able to perform as you used to earlier. Surgery emerges as the best treatment option in case if another medical treatment is not effective.

Get All Types Of Ligament Injury Treatment In Noida

Dr. Himanshu Tyagi holds enormous experience in all types of Ligament Injury. To put in simple words ligaments in the knee joins the femur to the shine bone (also known as the Tibia). There are four prominent types of the ligament.

  • ACL – This stands for Anterior cruciate ligament located in the center of the knee and responsible for controlling rotation as well as forwarding movement of the tibia.
  • PCL – It is also called Posterior cruciate ligament situated in the center of the knee and tend to control the backward movement of shine bone also known as a tibia.
  • MCL – It is also known as Medial collateral ligament responsible for adding stability to the inner knee.
  • LCL – It also stands for Lateral collateral ligament providing that much-needed stability to the outer knee.

Do contact, Dr. Himanshu Tyagi, to get your appointment fixed and have the best Ligament Injury Treatment in Noida.


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