Scoliosis/Kyphosis Surgery

Congenital (by birth) or developmental deformity (curve) of spine can be corrected through surgery. Various procedures involved are- vertebral column resection (VCR), direct vertebral rotation (DVR), hemivertebra resection, pedicel subtraction osteotomy (PSO)

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For Children with scoliosis (since birth) : 3-5 years of age

For children (scoliosis developing late) : after 10 years of age.

For adults : Any age

scoliosis surgety is typically classified as a major. Surgery lasts between 6 to 8 hours.

Patient start walking the next day. But they have to wear brace and refrain from active exercises for nearly 2.5 months.

Surgery is painful for first two days and after that the pain gradually starts reducing. Normally the patient is pain free after 3 weeks.

As per the studies people who didn't undergo scoliosis surgery had more pain than people without scoliosis in long run. However, the pain was generally rated as occasional. It did not interfere with working life or with daily activities after surgery.

To minimize pain and discomfort after scoliosis Correction surgery, I advise my patients to bend at the knees and hip as opposed to using their back.

Moderate to severe scoliosis if left untreated can lead to pain and increasing deformity with age. It can even lead to potential heart and lung damage.

Since Scoliosis is a sideways curve of the spine with rotation element. It grows most rapidly during the growth spurt just before puberty. (10-15 years).

So far in our hands the success rate is almost 100%. We have not had a single case ending in paralysis so far. The surgical correction of the curve is between 80% to 100%. And patient satisfaction rate is close to 100%.

  • # congenital: since birth due to Bony defects.
  • # neuromuscular : may be present since but aur may develop letter due to muscle imbalance.
  • # adolescent idiopathic scoliosis : most common type of scoliosis. Without any obvious call. But can lead to bony changes and muscle imbalance in long run.
  • # Adult denovo scoliosis : occurs because of age-related degeneration in disc and spine joints.

All of our patients start walking the next day of surgery. normally the patients become independent in their activities by two weeks of surgery

surgery in adulthood for scoliosis may not eliminate all symptoms. But in high percentage of cases it can effectively balance the spine, relieve scoliosis symptoms, and improve overall quality of life.

There is a a small chance of paralysis during scoliosis surgery. But we routinely use neuromonitoring and 3D bone reconstruction during all our scoliosis surgeries. This gives us almost hundred percent success rate in all our surgeries.

# Repeat surgery.

# Curve progression

# skin related issues.

# implant related issues.

# pain

Yes for full three months after surgery.

Not directly. But yes, surgery can improve it.

You will not be allowed to bend forward for 3 months after scoliosis correction surgery. However after 3 months you will be taught spinal exercises and ways to bend forward.

Degeneration or aging of the discs and joints of the spine occurs asymmetrically, causing tilting and even slipping between the vertebrae. As this cascades from one level to the next, a curve of the spine can develop. This form of scoliosis primarily affects the lumbar spine.

Pain is maximum within two days of surgery. however the pain goes on decreasing slowly post surgery in majority of the patients. Mostly patients are comfortable after 2 weeks of the surgery. pain totally vanishes around three to four weeks after surgery.

# Playing football and other high-contact sports.

# Ballet and gymnastics.

Majority of the patients have a normal life after scoliosis surgery in terms of walking, running, sitting, standing ,sexual activities, driving and recreational stuff

Jogging and running are fine for most people with scoliosis.


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