Scoliosis Surgery

Sometimes bracing does not seem ideal to stop a scoliosis curve from progressing. It happens since brace was not worn properly such it was not ideally tight or for the ideal amount of time.

Braces Can Be Successful Only If They Are Placed Ideally

Though in some cases braces have been successful if it has been braced in an ideal way. Moreover, it also need to follow doctor’s recommendation. If curve keeps progressing then your doctor may suggest to have Scoliosis Surgery Delhi NCR.

Motto Of Scoliosis Surgery

The motto of spine surgery for scoliosis is to prevent the curve to get into worse condition. It helps to bring your spine to its normal alignment as well as appearance. You would be able to get back to your normal life once again after having this treatment. It addresses also patients’ paint or heart or lung function oriented which caused by the scoliosis.

What About The Advantages Of Scoliosis Surgery

All sorts of treatment and outcome results are specific to the individual patient. Results may vary indeed. Complications for example nerve damage, infection, blood loss and bowel problems and so on.

Additional complications may be associated with scoliosis surgery included loss of proper spinal balance, failure, of the bones to properly heal and fuse etc.

Surgery is an ideal option to go when it comes to severe scoliosis. It curves greater than 45 degrees or for curves which may not respond to bracing. Surgery holds two prominent benefits of successful scoliosis surgery

  • To prevent a curve from progressing
  • To mitigate rib prominence and diminish spinal deformity

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By Dr Himanshu Tyagi

(Dr Himanshu Tyagi-MCh Orthopaedics, DNB Spine fellowship (F.N.B), MNAMS Orthopaedics, DNB Orthopaedics, MBBS)

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